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Published:March 24th, 2012 11:25 EST

Public Housing Project Drama: Lady, 81, Terrorizes Her 71-Year-Old Neighbor

By Robert Paul Reyes

"An 87-year-old woman is accused of antagonizing a neighbor at a public housing complex for two years.

Police have been called to the Marian Road Hi-Rise Senior Apartments in northeast Atlanta twice. The woman has been cited and ordered to stay away from her alleged victim."


Usually when police respond to a call from a public housing complex they know they will likely be facing a violent situation involving drugs and gangs.

But this call emanated from a senior citizens public housing complex, and it didn`t involve drugs or gangs but a freaking flower pot.

Maria Zuravinski, 87, has been bullying Bernadine Jones, 71, for years, and not even a court-mandated anger management course has bee able to make the old woman give up her violent behavior. Zuravinski was ordered to attend an anger management in 2010 when she was found guilty of beating her neighbor with a cane.

That cane incident was precipitated when Zuravinski accused Jones of disturbing her rosebush that she planted in the communal garden. An indignant Zuravinski yelled at her neighbor: "That belongs to me. You don`t plant there. That`s my land."

Hello, you old bird, you live in a public housing project, that`s not your land. Isn`t there a judge with the wisdom of Solomon, with the courage to do the right thing, and evict Zuravinski?

Nobody should feel any sympathy for Zuravinski, she isn`t a sweet old lady who tends to her garden and has a smile for everyone. She is a violent woman with a rap sheet, who flunked anger management, and who should be spending her golden years behind bars.

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