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Published:March 24th, 2012 12:03 EST
The Hunger Games Shakes Theaters

The Hunger Games Shakes Theaters

By Tony Graff

Last night the world was introduced to Katniss Everdeen and the world of the Hunger Games in theaters everywhere. With an all-star cast including Lenny Kravitz, Jennifer Lawrence, Woody Haralson, and Elizabeth Banks, The Hunger Games movie looked to be bigger and better than many of the movies coming out this year.

In many ways, the movie didn`t disappoint. The special effects were masterfully placed, the costumes lit the screen in the best way possible, and the characters were among the most accurate as far as books-to-movies go. The sets were vivid, and the dichotomy between the impoverished districts and the overly extravagant Capitol was stark.

All those pluses, though, are outweighed by one, glaring, unavoidable problem. Gary Ross employed cinema verite, the handheld, shaky camera style, the way Kristen Stewart employed excessive blinking in Twilight. Apparently, the rule is use it enough and it`ll make anything look good. The majority of the solid, steady camera shots were the Hunger Game commentary from Claudius Templesmith and Ceaser Flickerman. Anywhere else, get ready for motion sickness as the cameraman protects himself from a swarm of invisible tracker-jacker wasps with only his camera to protect him.

But, this does give a lot of people hope that Catching Fire and Mockingjay will have more success. This will be the only time I positively associate Twilight with The Hunger Games. The first movie felt a little cheap, but good for a first film, then with the popularity, it`ll have access to a bigger budget. I really hope so, otherwise I`m going to get motion sickness.

I`d be a little hesitant to hand this movie to a younger child. There are scenes of blood and violence, but half of those are indecipherable anyways with the movie camera disorienting everything. Overall, I give this movie seven out of ten. The Capitol was realistic, the sets were perfect, but it`s hard to enjoy when it`s hard to get a clear view of anything.