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Published:March 25th, 2012 12:45 EST

Kitten Lucky To Be Alive After Riding 85 Miles On Top Of Engine

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A kitten that ended up in Santa Cruz after a wild ride in the engine compartment of a van hasn`t been claimed by its owners.

The 8-month-old cat apparently curled up in a van parked in a Mill Valley parking lot Tuesday night. It was stuck there while the van was driven across the Golden Gate Bridge and into Santa Cruz. The driver found the cat under the hood when he stopped for gas."


Mercury News

Anyone who owns cats knows they love anything that`s warm, my cat Ebony loves to sit on top of my TV when it`s on. Yeah, I have an old school TV that`s wide enough for a cat to sit on -- don`t hate.

The kitty was wearing a studded leather collar and a blue bell, it`s obviously owned by people who love her. It`s surprising that the kitten hasn`t been claimed by its owners.

The poor critter must have used up at least a couple of its nine lives, if the owners don`t claim her I hope she`s adopted by a loving family. The kitty wasn`t seriously hurt, if a kind soul adopts her he won`t have to worry about vet bills.

This kitten deserves to be in a loving and warm family, hopefully she will soon be sitting on top of a warm TV. I can`t be the only old school pet lover out there!

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Photo Credit: Wikipedia.Org (Generic Cat)

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