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Published:March 26th, 2012 10:57 EST
Defense Tips For Iran: The Keys For National Security

Defense Tips For Iran: The Keys For National Security

By Md Mahmudul Hasan, Immigration Lawyer, Dhaka, Bangladesh

Many articles have been written by different writers globally regarding the defense tips for Iran for its upcoming security threat whereas some countries are preparing to attack Iran. That is why I have been interested to write an article regarding this matter in order to enrich articles for the defense tips for Iran.

Iran, the official name is "Islamic Republic of Iran" which is a well-known peaceful country in the world. However to fulfill the demand of electricity and medical affairs, Iran has taken the initiative to get atomic energy which is a peaceful matter. Many countries in the world are using atomic energy to produce electricity. This is a legal right for every country and better to produce electricity for expanding industrialization process. If it is established that the developed countries and their sucker countries will only get the right of using atomic energy, it will be completely a discrimination to the poor or developing countries. It will mean that the developed countries never like to see the up-gradation of poor and developing countries. Actually in this industrialization era , atomic energy is compulsory for every poor or developing countries to fulfil the demand of electricity in order to support their industrialization process.

However, Iran is currently accused because of enriching atomic energy to support its electricity demand and medical affairs. Actually to give the accusation of making atomic bomb is a fake excuse which can be given to any country who uses atomic energy for their electricity production. However, the defense tips for Iran are being cited below which might be helpful for this bold nation.

1. Preparing One Thousand Missiles: Iran should prepare one thousand missiles and always keep it ready to attack instantly. These missiles should be radar-deviated in nature and the range should be at least 1500 (Fifteen Hundred) kilometers. If the territory of Iran is attacked, the above mentioned one thousand missiles should attack the accused-attacker country instantly. No thinking, no delay. However, when the world community will watch in the television that Iran has been attacked and Iran also attacked the accused-attaker country, the people will enjoy it.

2. Ban on all Smart Phones, Satellite Phones, Roaming Sim, Voip Phone: Iran should ban all Smart-phones, Satellite Phones, Roaming Phones and also Voip Phones. These are very critical technology by which Iranian military activities may be tracked easily by its enemy countries.

3. Preparing One Thousand Social Networkers For Internet: Iran should prepare one thousand Social Networkers who will campaign for Iran tactfully in different Social Networking Sites as Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Orkut, Hi 5, My Space, VK, You Tube, Daily Motion, Metacafe and all other popular sites. The social net workers should be young, clever,tactful and highly energetic. They will make friendship with the people of different countries and share views including the tactful advocacy for Iran. However, the activities of these Social networkers should be supervised regularly. It is to be noted that If Iran appoints these Social Networkers, Israel will also appoint many beautiful lady Networkers to deviate them. The Social Networkers will upload different videos on behalf of Iran. However, these Social networkers should work through tactful way by which the general people can not identify them as the appointed persons of Iran

4. Converting Money into Gold: Currently the US-dollar is in very critical condition and at anytime the price of US-dollar may be fallen down. In this case, Iran should convert their foreign currency into Gold Currency and their export income should be received by Gold currency. In my opinion, the gold currency can only sustain the Iranian Economy from different economic sanctions.

5. Scrutiny over Foreign Transaction: Iran should scrutinize over all types of foreign transactions including the transaction of foreign diplomats, NGOs, Politicians and also relative of the politicians. All these because the enemy countries of Iran may send money using different Channels in Iran to make unrest situation as Libya. On the other hand , Iran also should scrutinize International Branded Credit and Debit Card Transactions and also Internet based monetary system. However, these sensitive matters should be scrutinized by Iranian Central Bank and also Intelligence.

6. Call For national Unity: The government of Iran should work seriously for their national Unity. The distance between government and people should be minimized. The government should share national problems with the people. On the other hand, Iran should not give any opportunity to form any Rebel Group or Transitional Council as Libya. All types of NGO activities should be tracked seriously. Iranian religious leader Honorable Khamenei can play vital role for national unity.

7. Developing Ties with Iraq and Afghanistan: Iran should develop ties with Iraq and Afghanistan. Although Afghan government is arrogant with Iran . However, diplomatically Iran should develop its relation with Afghanistan. Iran may give some Financial Aid to some families in Afghanistan who have been victimized by unlawful US-Attack. This cooperation should be done publicly in front of national and international media. On the other hand Iran should make strong ties with Iraqi government and all powerful groups in Iraq.

However the above mentioned defense tips might be helpful to secure the national security of Iran. Some years before I was highly fascinated looking an Iranian girl in television who was in Election Campaign although I do not know anything about that girl. My article is dedicated for that unknown Iranian-girl and for her security.

Photo Credit: WikiMedia Commons