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Published:March 26th, 2012 15:00 EST
Indie Film 'Transatlantic Coffee' Wins Worldwide Applause

Indie Film 'Transatlantic Coffee' Wins Worldwide Applause

By SOP newswire

Riding Hood Motion Pictures is proud to announce the worldwide opening of Transatlantic Coffee, a fearless, s[e]xually provocative film starring Kevin Pinassi and Rachel Marie Lewis and directed by the extraordinary new writer/director, Erik Peter Carlson. In the past six months, the film has gone on to win numerous awards, including one for Best Actor for Pinassi. Currently it has limited release on, a curated, on-demand video platform.

Transatlantic Coffee is a classic tale of boy meets girl, boy falls in love with girl....only the boy, is a 41 year old clown, the girl, a teenage stripper from London. Haunted by the memory of a mysterious woman, titillated by the surroundings of 2001 New York City, and enthralled by the emergence of Mandie (Lewis) into his life, Alex (Pinassi) struggles to follow the advice of his best friend, Ronnie (Torres) and what is more important, his heart to yield his desires and do what is seemingly right. Transatlantic Coffee  is a story of lust, love, loss, yearning, and ultimately confusion amidst a city in the shadows of tragedy. Erik Peter Carlson describes his post 911 film as a Romantic Tragedy. "It`s about what we all eventually go through in life but are afraid to express to others. I don`t sugar coat things. I truly believe that films should provoke. Otherwise, I don`t see a point in anything." says, "A solid flick!" and "Highly recommended!"

Tony Macklin of Film, Fiction and More calls it "A visual experience."

Randy Becker of NexTV Entertainment, states, "Carlson has made a movie that subtly captures the essence of what we all love about cinema...that singular carnival ride that transports us into someone else`s life experience."

The film was shot in 22 days in almost every New York City borough, from the South Bronx, to Long Island City, Queens, to Park Slope, Brooklyn, to downtown Manhattan. The film contains all New York talent. Says Carlson, "If this film shows you anything, it shows that there is plenty of amazing talent in New York. They may not have names yet, but they are out there. There`s something about watching a picture with unrecognizable faces that make it all the more truthful and real, and I think that is the case here, for sure."

When asked what`s next, Carlson vaguely replies with, "We are working on a new project now that will be shooting later this year, if all goes as planned. I don`t want to say much about it, other than it`s a coming of age film. We`ll keep the title secret for now."

Transatlantic Coffee can be rented on for the next 60 days. PreScreen, which was founded by ex-Groupon and Zoosk execs, launched last November with the goal of giving movie lovers an easy way to discover independent films, and, in turn, offering filmmakers and producers an alternative, online channel for marketing and distribution.

You can find more information about the film and filmmakers by following them on Twitter (@TransCoffee), on Facebook:, and on the film`s official web page at