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Published:March 27th, 2012 23:58 EST
An Extra Moment! Bounty Gate

An Extra Moment! Bounty Gate

By Kenrick Rampersad

Bounty Gate didn`t seem like a big deal in the beginning, but after details continue to come out, it is perhaps the biggest story in an already super active year in sports.  Let`s explore this scandal and its implications; take An Extra Moment!

Tough plays have always been part of American Football.  It is why we sports fans love it!  But when you have professional players trying to hurt other professional players and knock them out the whole experience becomes sub human. 

At the beginning of the release of the reports on Bounty Gate it seemed as if the plays were hard but with the intention of stopping a play, not a player.  Surprisingly, some experts and players current and former, think the release of the information (snitching) is a bigger problem than the bounty program! 

But if you think this will be the only show dedicated to Bounty Gate then you don`t know us too well!  This is Part One of Bounty Gate, so get comfortable and take An Extra Moment.

AN EXTRA MOMENT, Hosted by Kenny R

Kenny R is the Avatar of Kenrick Rampersad, Connecticut School of Broadcasting Grad and current on air personality at WOKC 100.9 FM & 1570 AM, Okeechobee, Florida.



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