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Published:March 28th, 2012 10:30 EST
Justice for Trayvon Martin!

Justice for Trayvon Martin!

By SOP newswire

From Devin Robinson - I am sure by now each of you have thoroughly gotten at least a synopsis of the story of 17 year-old Trayvon Martin who was gunned down by a 28 year-old neighborhood watch man, George Zimmerman. So much has struck me with this story, and if you know me by now, I can`t sit by idly and say or do nothing. The responsibility is ours, not to just be reactive, but be proactive.

So what are the key areas of this story to me? Trayvon was unarmed. He went to the store to get a bag of Skittles candy and a can of Iced Tea. Zimmerman saw him and believed him to be suspicious. He actually started off by doing the right thing. He called the police. This was his 46th call to them in a matter of 56 days. Some would speculate that Zimmerman was a police wannabee. In the call he stated, "They always get away..." and at the disobedience of the 911 dispatcher, continued to follow Trayvon. I want to know "WHO" exactly he was referring to, that always get away? Is it teens, blacks, males...who??? He couldn`t mean robbers, murderers, rapists, drug dealers or some other type of recent perpetrator because Trayvon was not leaving the scene of a crime. So who exactly always get away?


The black community definitely steps up when issues such as these arise. But my plea is that we "stay up", not just step up, then, step back. 30,000 people gathered to protest in Sanford, FL (where this took place) in a town of 50,000. Those are great numbers but the black population in America is over 30,000,000. This is only a tenth of a percent that were present. Though I know we all have other obligations that prevent our physical presence, we must understand that this affects us all. This boy was shot down in a gated community not in the projects. If we can`t physically be there, put funds in place (personally) to be prepared to help fight issues like this.


We can protest government officials today and all day but if tomorrow so many of us have to show up to receive our vouchers, aid, rent assistance, and more, we will continue to be viewed as dependent. We can protest the "Zimmermans" but if we are on their payroll or trying to be, they will continue to view us as powerless. How bold are you willing to be? Start businesses so you can get the respect and power that establishment often receives.


Here`s a short timeline of trauma brought to the black community. If you are unfamiliar with these cases, look them up:



Rodney King beating-California (1991) - James Byrd-Texas (1998) Amadou Diallo-New York (1999) - Genarlow Wilson-Georgia (2005) Response to Hurricane Katrina (2005) - Jena 6-Louisiana (2006)

Sean Bell-New York (2006) - Oscar Grant-California (2009)

Tasha Hill-Georgia (2010) - James Anderson-Mississippi (2011)Trayvon Martin-Florida (2012)


When will enough be enough? When will we renovate how people view our community? When will become consistently respected instead of incidentally feared? I think economic power is the first step to changing how we are viewed. Don`t listen to Geraldo Rivera and tell your kids to stop wearing hoodies! That`s not the point and it only strips us of freedom of what to wear! Is he crazy??? If you have the resources or wherewithal to open a business, do it! If you have the time to educate someone else, do it! I am actually tired of living on guard from, now not the just the police, but even security guards.