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Published:March 31st, 2012 10:58 EST
Republication of Christian Title about WWII for National Day of Prayer

Republication of Christian Title about WWII for National Day of Prayer

By SOP newswire

In preparation for the National Day of Prayer, Brad Fenichel (author of "When We Pipe, God Shall Dance") is pleased to announce the re-publication of "The Big Ben Minute" after 68 years.

This unique historical book, authored by Andrew Dakers (London, 1943), provides a fascinating insider perspective on the "national minute of prayer" phenomenon that was widely credited, by contemporary people of faith, for the demise of the Third Reich.

According to a BBC estimate, the number of people observing the Big Ben Minute, from 1942 onwards, numbered in the millions.

Fenichel`s preface quotes a high Nazi official under post-war interrogation: "During the war, you had a secret weapon for which we could find no counter-measure . . . but it was very powerful. . . . `the Silent Minute.`"

In response to the obvious "So what?" Fenichel nails his theses to the church door of 21st-century America -- through this book`s preface as well as his website: "Let us acknowledge that, to vanquish the darkness of our own time, all human possibilities have been exhausted. Instead, let us now petition God -- humbly, sincerely, relentlessly and concertedly -- to intervene and work His miracles."

"The Big Ben Minute," Fenichel says, "was written in pseudo-religious language as a call to prayer for people of all faiths. Yet its compelling message, corroborated by history, is that each of us can play a meaningful part in rolling back the moral darkness of our own time.

"With a high-stakes national election upon us, it behooves all people of faith to dust off our `secret weapon.` Let the National Day of Prayer (May 3, 2012) be our season opener, followed by daily, concerted appeal to Heaven."

"The Big Ben Minute" is available on To request a review copy, or to schedule an interview, contact Brad Fenichel at 302-229-8040 or electronically through his blog:

Besides being an author and freelance writer, Brad is spokesman for "A grassroots effort calling Americans everywhere to one minute of daily prayer for revival." Further information is available at

Brad`s recent book "When We Pipe, God Shall Dance" is billed as "the book that will revolutionize your prayer life." For more information,