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Published:April 1st, 2012 11:04 EST
Judyth Piazza Bringing Trust and Integrity Back to Internet News: The SOP and The American Perspective

Judyth Piazza Bringing Trust and Integrity Back to Internet News: The SOP and The American Perspective

By SOP newswire2

A Mentor. A Journalist. A Beacon to Others.

An Interview With Judyth Piazza

Readers, today we`re extremely lucky because we are speaking with a woman who is a truly amazing and well-known person in the world of communications. An elegant woman with a background in radio, journalism, and more, Judyth Piazza is a name that you will not soon forget. From being the host of the American Perspective Radio Program, which is a rare and exciting program filled with inspiration and information intended to help people succeed in life; to being the founder of The SOP "Student Operated Press " which, for over six years, has been a cutting edge news organization with the goal of providing novice writers, student journalists, amateur broadcasters and unpublished authors the opportunity to showcase their talents "Judyth Piazza" can be found in all walks of the communications industry.

Included in all the amazing programs and organizations she`s a part of, Judyth`s own intelligent, educated writing has appeared in publications ranging from the Women`s Independent Press to Florida People Magazine, and there are many who stand behind the fact that she is one of the most imaginative and hard-working people on the planet.

Being the  `icon` of many young journalists around the world who she has mentored as they launched their personal careers.

Spending her life as a reporter, editor and news executive, Judyth speaks with the intelligence and professionalism of all worlds combined, and has the innate ability to design business models in the 21st Century that are executed with complete precision and success.

Without further adieu, I would like to introduce all of you to Judyth Piazza.


I`m aware that you`re an award-winning journalist. Could you tell readers how your career began, and when it was that you knew journalism was the path you were going to take? 

Once I got a divorce I decided to do something for  `me.` I wasn`t quite sure what I wanted to do until my history professor told me that I had the gift of writing, and encouraged me to take some of my writing clips to the local newspaper to see if I could supplement my income while I was in school. Going to college as a single mom wasn`t easy, so I took his advice and nagged the news director to take a chance on me. Luckily he did.

As a journalist, have you written any books, novels, etc. that readers should be aware of? And, are you interested in writing novels of fiction and/or nonfiction titles about the life of a reporter?

I have been in the process of writing a book for several years, but have always put it to the side in order to help others with their writing pursuits. I will eventually be ready for the task. I have been featured in several books including, Dream Reachers and Dream Reachers II. Dream Reachers II has an interview that I did with Chase Von, as well as accompanying photographs. It was a true thrill when I found out about it.

As a reporter, may I ask if there are favorite  `guests` of yours that you have interviewed, or featured? And " I have to ask, is there one who would be a  `dream` interview for you?

When asked this question I always think about two very special women. The first is Robin Meade from CNN. Robin was so gracious in saying  `yes` to an interview with me when I first started out in radio. She also said something to me that I will always remember: Judy, someone has to do this job and it might as well be YOU.  The other special lady who I think of is Yolanda King, daughter of Martin Luther King, Jr. I am sad to say that Yolanda passed away a couple of years back, but I will always feel like I had a part in history by having the honor of interviewing her.

My dream interview would be with Doris Day. I have followed her career all my life, and her autobiography is one of my absolute favorite books. She`s in her 80`s now, so I hope I still have some time left to make that dream a reality.

Could you tell us more about the American Perspective Radio program?

The American Perspective is intended to help people succeed. I have had the opportunity to interview some of the most influential people in the world, and I try to ask each and every one of my guests this question: What key quality do you believe all successful people share? You would not believe how many different answers I`ve received. After seven years of hard work, on and off the airwaves in which I had to purchase airtime and sell my own advertising, the show has finally been picked up by a Houston radio station, 1230KQUE Lovin` Life Radio  (, which is a perfect fit for me. I love life, and The American Perspective loves helping people succeed.

The Student Operated Press is also an amazing site. Could you tell readers more about this particular entity?

The Student Operated Press ( is a news organization with its number one goal being to provide novice writers, student journalists, amateur broadcasters and unpublished authors the opportunity to showcase their talents while practicing ethical journalism and broadcasting in a professional environment that mirrors all major media outlets. not only helps students become better writers, it also helps to build our future leaders. The SOP was one of the first sites to publish and produce online radio content under the same guidelines as traditional media outlets.

It is quite obvious that you love helping other young reporters and journalists on their career path. How does it feel being a mentor to so many?

It makes me sleep really well at night. Zig Ziglar told me early on in my career that if I help as many people as I can to succeed, then I would eventually succeed, too. In the Spring of 2010-2011, I was named the `Mentor of the Year`  by the University of Michigan-Dearborn. I was truly honored.

The Internet, of course, is the biggest and most powerful tool in bringing information to the public " whether it be reviews, interviews, branding and marketing for companies, etc. Could you speak a little about what you see in the future for the World Wide Web, and how you see it changing and developing with new processes and programs?

In today`s job market it is important to make your own opportunities, and that`s what the Internet is doing for me as well as billions of others. It is amazing that you can go to Google and ask just about any question you want and Google will find the answer for you. More people tend to go online now for their news and information, so I see the World Wide Web as a stepping stone for anyone who wants to create and implement opportunities. I am very excited about Google`s new semantic search features; I think this will level the playing field for all Internet publishers, not just the ones with a great deal of money.

Readers always want to know the answer to this question: What is YOUR perfect day?

I am a beach bum, and I love the energy and motivation that just walking on the beach provides me. My perfect day would be a large Starbucks coffee in hand, 3 or 4 great interviews, going for a walk on the beach mid-day, more interviews, going to the boxing gym to work out, enjoying a nice dinner, and then crawling up on the couch to watch `One Tree Hill` or `Supernaturals` on Netflix.

And, finally, what is up next for you?

I am planning to move to the Lone Star State " Houston, Texas, to be exact " and doing my radio show, The American Perspective. It will air LIVE Monday through Friday, 10 a.m. to 12 p.m., beginning June 1st. This is a great opportunity for me to expand my traditional listening audience, seeing as that Houston is the 6th largest media market in the United States.


As you can see, readers, the list of accomplishments, jobs, outlooks and new doors opening for Judyth Piazza are endless. If anything, this should give all writers, businessmen and women, as well as individuals out there who wish to grow and fulfill their lives with true and utter success, a look at a woman who has done just that. And the best part? She is definitely not even close to being finished.

I wish her the best with her new move to Houston, and I already know that Judyth Piazza will have her perfect  `Day` when the amazing Doris stops by to have a chat. Judyth is one woman who`s a beacon of strength, will and fearless determination that each and every one of us can admire.

Until Next Time, Everybody,

Amy Lignor