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Published:April 2nd, 2012 00:59 EST

Kingdom Harvest Church In Wichita Gives Away Free Gas

By Robert Paul Reyes

"With gas approaching four dollars a gallon, a Wichita church decided to offer some relief. The church gassed up people`s cars for free on Saturday. There were plenty of takers.

gasThe line leading up to the gas station at 13th and Oliver started forming early in the morning. Then, at noon the cars started rolling in.

Kingdom Harvest Church gave away 20 dollars worth of gas to the first 250 cars in line.",0,303819.story

Usually a church will give something away only if you first listen to a preacher bloviate, but you didn`t have to attend a worship service to qualify for the gas giveaway.

God bless the Kingdom Harvest Church, you can`t drive to a church or a nightclub without gas in your tank.

Members of the church treated the drivers like royalty, washing their windshields and windows. Remember when gas station attendants used to wash your windshield and check your oil?

I might be tempted to join a church that gives away free gas, even if they worshipped an oil well, and consumed oil for communion instead of wine.

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Photo Credit: Wikipedia.Org