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Published:April 2nd, 2012 10:53 EST

What A Joke: MTV Warns Jersey Shore's 'The Situation' That He Drinks Too Much

By Robert Paul Reyes

"MTV had warned and even threatened to replace The Situation, who`s currently in rehab for prescription drug addiction, more than once for excessive drinking.

According to sources cited by TMZ, producers from MTV and 495 Productions sat Situation (Mike Sorrentino) down initially while filming Season 2 back in 2010."


Hollywood Gossip

MTV`s "The Jersey Shore" is all about excessive behavior: Excessive drinking! Excessive fornicating! Excessive swearing! Excessive stupidity!

For MTV to warn The Situation that he`s drinking too much is like the owner of a strip joint warning an exotic dancer that she`s being too promiscuous: Young lady we`ve had numerous complaint`s that you`re too skanky. Try keeping your legs closed when you are giving a lap dance!

If The Situation didn`t drink like a sailor on shore leave, and Snooki didn`t rut like a rabbit in heat, and JWoww didn`t dress like a ten-dollar h[o]oker, nobody would watch the damn show.

The MTV producers take the prize for the biggest hypocrites in the history of show business.

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