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Published:April 3rd, 2012 11:49 EST
Kim Kardashian's Fame, Fortune and Flour

Kim Kardashian's Fame, Fortune and Flour

By SOP newswire2

Fame, Fortune and Flour By Gary Rosen Once again, The Kardashians, in one form or another, are on the cover of many of the weekly magazines this week, from stories alleging Kris Humpries` revenge; to Kim stealing Eva`s man; to the worst of all? Khloe and Lamar`s marriage ending. Say it isn`t so! You`ve got to hand it to the Kardashians, they are still extremely popular on the screen and off, from their cable shows to their multiple businesses.

As a matter of fact, Kim is so big that a woman threw flour at her on the red carpet for an event for her new fragrance. Perhaps she was jealous of the way she looked, her success, or it was some newfangled baking recipe? Some of those might be true, but apparently the woman is a PETA supporter and Kim wears fur.

According to reports, Kim might press charges. Maybe, she should take a page out of Ryan Seacrest`s book when Sacha Baron Cohen, in character as "The Dictator," poured another dictator`s "ashes" all over Ryan`s designer tux . He just brushed it off and got great publicity. It`s hard to ruffle Ryan, and more importantly, he gets it.

Ryan doesn`t come across as a "privileged celebrity" as some in Hollywood seem to. Paris Hilton anyone? Lindsay Lohan? Star Jones? Sometimes, if a celebrity goes too far-the public and the press will take them down a notch or two. And shouldn`t they? Why should they get extra special treatment? Just because they`re famous? When Star recently returned to "The View," Barbara Walters was criticized by some for rehashing what happened when Star "decided" to leave the program and catch everyone, including Barbara and her co-hosts, by surprise. At the time of Star`s "decision" to leave, she made matters worse, when she arranged to give an interview to People magazine on her version of what happened immediately after she made her "announcement." The truth, as most know, was that she was being fired for her "privileged" and diva like ways-remember her marriage and all the gifts and free things she got on Barbara`s dime, and more importantly, time. Well, apparently, the viewers got sick of it as well. Barbara was 100% right to do what she did.

Was Star naïve enough to think her former boss wasn`t going to bring it up? As she has said ad nausea, she`s a lawyer! Come on. Say what you will about Star, but stupid she`s not. Now, after saying that there was no cocaine in Whitney Houston`s room the night of her death, it seems that it allegedly was removed before the police got there. Why the supposed cover up, if there was one? The singer was already dead and that wasn`t about to bring her back. The story was, and is tragic, but when are we going to say as a culture, enough is enough? The celebrities can`t be blamed entirely. Often, they surround themselves with enablers who never say no to anything they want, or need, even though sometimes it`s illegal. Dr. Conrad

Murray is one example and he is paying the price. O.J. Simpson, some say, got one free pass, and that was for murder, but not a second for something far less serious. Being a celebrity is a wonderful thing. To be adored by the public is great for the ego, and the fame and money aren`t bad either. Many are terrific human beings who are humble, gracious and charity minded.

There are others, however, who are a different story. They should not forget from where they came because they could be yesterday`s news, or worse, in a flash. I`m just saying.

Gary Rosen is the owner of Gary Rosen Communications (GRC), a public relations and talent agency. Founded in 2000, its clients include celebrities, television studios and their programs.  Rosen has worked on 22 television shows over the course of his career.

Rosen covered the television business for several years before entering public relations and production.  His byline has appeared in TV GUIDE, Television Week, Adweek, and the New York Post, among others.  He has interviewed hundreds of celebrities and television executives including Oprah Winfrey, Merv Griffin, Joan Rivers and Carol Burnett.

He appears on E! News, CNN and HLN`s Showbiz Tonight, and is heard on radio stations from coast-to-coast delivering entertainment reports and commentary on damage control.

Judyth Piazza interviews Gary Rosen on The American Perspective Radio Program