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Published:April 3rd, 2012 14:32 EST

Video: Dial A D-Lister! You Can Chat With Hottie Octomom For $12 Per Minute

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Would you pay $18 a minute to talk to Lindsay Lohan`s dad?

How about $25 a minute to talk to her mom?

D-lister Michael Lohan raked in $3,500 last week through, a service that allows fans to pay by the minute to speak to a stable of tabloid celebrities like the Lohans, Real Housewife Danielle Staub, former `Jersey Shore` cast member Angelina Pivarnick and a handful of celebrity mistresses."



I might consider dialing Michael Lohan or Dina Lohan to curse them out for doing such a horrible job raising Lindsay Lohan, but I really don`t think I would want to waste my money or my time chatting with these losers.

What could I possibly learn by talking with Angelina Pivarnick? That The Situation is a drunk, and Snooki is a skank? Hey, I learned that after watching the "Jersey Shore" for a couple of minutes.

There is a $50 minimum, think of the one million and one better ways to spend fifty bucks. Although I must admit that Octomom fascinates me, and I just might dial her up. I might give her a call and flirt with her for a few minutes,.it would be for a good cause after all, I`m sure she would spend every dime she makes from Dial-A-Star to feed her hungry brood.

Do a good deed and give Octomom a call, her kids will thank you!

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