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Published:April 4th, 2012 14:19 EST

Video: Outrage, The Easter Bunny Is Arrested

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Mentor police arrested Justin Medema, 27, of Painesville at a Mentor retirement home as he finished his shift as entertaining the residents as the Easter Bunny.

`He`s accused of stealing over $1,600 worth of DVDs and movies from Sam`s Club in our city,` said Lt. Dan Molnar with the Mentor Police Department.


When officers arrived, Medema had just finished spreading his holiday cheer, and had already taken off the costume."


Thank goodness Medema has already taken off his bunny costume when the cops slapped handcuffs on him. Any child witnessing the arrest would have been traumatized at the spectacle of the Easter Bunny being led away in handcuffs. And the arresting officer would have needed therapy if he arrested the Easter Bunny.

I can`t conjure up any hatred for Medema, on the one hand he besmirched the reputation of the Easter Bunny, but on the other hand he was entertaining senior citizens in a retirement center.

So what if Medema stole a few DVD`s, it`s an obsolete format anyway. Medema is an asset to his community, -- when`s the last time you spread some good cheer in a rest home?

Medema is due in court on the day after Easter. I hope he`s sentenced to community service: Entertaining the customers and employees of Sam`s Club as the Easter Bunny.


Photo Credit: Wikipedia.Org

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