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Published:April 6th, 2012 12:59 EST
"One Tree Hill": The Underdog Show for Underdogs

"One Tree Hill": The Underdog Show for Underdogs

By Garrett Godwin

The series finale of One Tree Hill shoots and scores with 1.4 million viewers Wednesday night -- giving the CW its biggest ratings with female viewers ages 18-34 since last year as well as with adults ages 18-34 since last fall. 

On Thursday, ranked the final episode one of their top moments for the week.

Though One Tree Hill has had outlandish and over-the-top storylines such as crazy "Nanny Carrie", what stands the show apart is that it has always been a show about fathers and sons, including the early sibling rivalry on and off the basketball court between half-brothers Lucas (Chad Michael Murray) and Nathan (James Lafferty), sons of Dan Scott, Tree Hill`s resident villain/anti-hero.

Each of the characters on the show (even Dan, of all people!) are always the underdogs from beginning to end in pursuing their dreams, whether it be sports, broadcasting, music, fashion, and redemption.  But most of all: love, and there were no greater underdog couples than that of Nathan & Haley (Naley) and Lucas & Peyton (Leyton).

This is what appeals to fans of One Tree Hill and it is why they kept the show going for nine years and 187 episodes, as well as why it will live on in syndication and on DVD: because we will continue to root for the underdog.

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