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Published:April 6th, 2012 21:37 EST

Shocker: Lindsay Lohan To Give Up Dating While She Prepares For Role In 'Liz And Dick'

By Robert Paul Reyes

"The 25-year-old star - who is set to play screen legend Dame Elizabeth Taylor in Lifetime movie `Liz and Dick`, about the actress` love affair with Richard Burton - is keen to avoid any distraction and so will not be pursuing a relationship for the moment.


A source told TMZ: `Lindsay wants to devote all her spare time to reading the script and getting Liz`s persona down pat rather than focus on a new relationship.`"

Sky News

I commend Lindsay for her vow to abstain from dating, while she learns the script for her new movie "Liz and Dick." If Lohan is serious her next few months won`t be described as "Lindsay and Dick."

The pop tart needs to prove to the entertainment industry that she`s finally serious about her career. If the troubled actress doesn`t screw up this Lifetime movie, the next role she`s offered might be for a Hollywood movie.

I hope that the pop diva has a broad definition for "dating", at this point in her life she needs to avoid romantic relationships as well as hookups.

The former child star has an addictive personality, not only is she addicted to unhealthy relationships, but she`s hooked on drugs and alcohol as well.

Lohan needs to live like a nun for the next few months: No drama, no alcohol, no sex, and no drugs. A semi-successful one-night gig as guest host of "Saturday Night Live" wasn`t enough to convince producers that can rely on Lohan to take her job seriously.

It`s imperative for Lohan`s personal growth and for her career, that she shows up on the set on time every day, and prove to the world that she`s really turned over a new leaf.

I don`t think Lohan can change, but I hope she proves me wrong.

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