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Published:April 7th, 2012 21:05 EST

Cops Find Woman With No Clothes On Sitting In Parked Car

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Florida authorities say a woman offered them no good explanation for her being naked in a parked car.

An Indian River County deputy sheriff found Tammy Roseman `au naturel` in the front seat of her boyfriend`s car while investigating a disturbance in Vero Beach on the afternoon of March 23."



There is no good explanation for a woman sitting in a parked car without a stitch of clothing on. The best the deputy could have hoped for was a ridiculous explanation.

The deputy deduced liquor had something to do with the strange incident and he arrested her for disorderly intoxication. Every police department needs a Sherlock Holmes, brilliant deduction.

If a cop finds a person doing something weird, like say doing cartwheels buck naked at a McDonald`s, usually drugs or alcohol are to blame.

Actually, the boyfriend is to blame for the woman being nude in a parked car. He found her drunk and naked in his home, and he simply took her to a house where he was working, without bothering to put a robe on her.

What a scholar and a gentleman, he could care less if anyone saw his woman in her birthday suit. It`s too bad the deputy couldn`t find an excuse to arrest the boyfriend.

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