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Published:April 9th, 2012 11:25 EST

Courageous Woman Fights City Hall Over Lost Dog Posters

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A Newark, Ohio, woman who battled City Hall over posting signs for her missing dog is fighting to change the city`s signage ordinance to help other pet owners.

City officials said the flyers were posted illegally because she did not get the proper permitting."



If my dog, Mandy, ran away, (not that she ever would considering how much I spoil her), I would do everything within my power to find her. I would put an ad in the paper, set up a Facebook page, and plaster every telephone pole in my neighborhood with flyers.

One thing I would not do is seek the proper permitting before putting up my lost dog posters. When your dog runs away, time is of the essence, and no dog lover would waste his time dealing with City Hall bureaucracy before putting up his flyers.

If you wait for the proper permitting your runaway dog will die not from getting hit by a car, but from old age.

Jody Gardner`s flyers were removed by city employees and she is furious -- kudos to her for fighting the good fight on behalf of dog lovers everywhere.

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