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Published:April 9th, 2012 13:27 EST
Great Article Regarding "Rush To Judgement"

Great Article Regarding "Rush To Judgement"

By SOP newswire2

Great article by John G. Kays, The Documentary Rush To Judgment is Not Merely a `Puff of Smoke!` regarding "Rush To Judgement." Of course anyone who has read up on the events of 1963 is most likely aware of those facts. I myself would like to present a new one for you to mull over.

In recorded testimony which is easily found on the Internet, SS agent Clint Hill recalled the sounds of the gunshots in Dealey Plaza. Research that testimony and you will see that Hill describes the sound of gunshots as different.  One in particular sound as if it had "an echo effect as if fired from inside of a drum"

To me, this pointed to one area that no one seems to want to research. The storm drain positioned in Dealey Plaza exactly where a head shot occurred.

(There is also other testimony, I believe "Mercer" is the woman`s name, who said a utility truck had been in the area of the storm drain prior to the assassination. Perfect time to plant someone there don`t you think)

Not having the time or patience to pursue this theory after all these years, I simply wrote a fictional piece about it entitled "The Job" by me, Richard L. Vittorioso and it is available on Amazon`s Kindle for .99 which I priced low because I`m not interested in making money off of it but to plant the seed of doubt in people`s minds after they read that story.

Perhaps a new generation of researchers inspired by my work of fiction and Clint Hill`s testimony might uncover the truth.


Richard L. Vittorioso