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Published:April 9th, 2012 10:44 EST

Robert Paul Reyes Responds To Snooki's Criticism

By Robert Paul Reyes

I Never get upset over articles written about me, but @robertpaulreyes, your disgusting article about my child is sad. You know nothing.

Snooki Tweet

I cover politics, religion, and current events, but I`m best known as a pop culture critic. Politics and religion are weighty subjects worthy of examination, but if you really want to understand the soul of America you have to immerse yourself in pop culture.


I can recite the names of all the Supreme Court justices, but I also know the names of the American Idol finalists, and the names of the Jersey Shore cast members.

Reporting on politics is a nasty and brutish endeavor, but writing about the entertainment business is a soul-quenching experience. There are too many rappers who sing the praises of homophobia, misogyny and materialism; too many reality shows that appeal to the basest instincts of the viewers; too many news programs that rely on opinion and entertainment instead of facts and integrity; and too many sporting events that use violence to hype ratings.

I write about show business in general, but my focus are the pop tarts like Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton, Kim Kardashian and yes Snooki, who debase our culture with their outlandish behavior on and off the set.

I realize that Snooki`s cartoonish behavior, to some extent, is for the benefit of ratings, but she is sending the wrong message to impressionable teen and pre-teen girls.

I don`t criticize the pop tarts by writing scholarly articles with footnotes, that`s not how I roll. My essays are over-the top, and I bash the celeb bimbos using colloquial speech that their fans will understand.

Sometimes I go too far, and if I have hurt the feelings of Snooki or any other celeb, I humbly apologize. But I`m using my little soapbox on the Internet to do battle against the infantile crap that permeates our culture.

I am not a right-wing puritanical fanatic, I am to the left of President Obama, but everyone, conservative or liberal, should be united in their opposition to the mindless junk that passes as entertainment these days.

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