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Published:April 10th, 2012 16:56 EST

Was A Jealous Paris Hilton Responsible For Dancer Getting Fired?

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A professional dancer claims she was fired for gyrating her lycra-clad booty too close to Paris Hilton while performing at the opening of a Sydney nightclub.

Tahnee Chapman, 25, has accused a jealous and spiteful Hilton of getting her bumped from her dream job on the first night she began podium dancing at The Star`s Marquee nightclub.


`I wasn`t being provocative. My style is described as sultry. It involves grinding and moving -- I was shaking my bum a bit and my costume had tassels on it,` Chapman said."


This is a Horatio Alger story about a poor girl who pulled herself up by her own bootstraps, donned some stiletto heels and landed her dream job as an exotic dancer.

But alas this fairy tale has an O` Henry ending: The exotic dancer loses her killer job because a jealous socialite happened to be in the club.

Paris Hilton isn`t exactly brimming over with love for children, pets and exotic dancers, but hopefully she really wasn`t responsible for Tahnee losing her job.

But the pop tart is a diva who likes all eyes to be on her, she may have been responsible for the dancer getting kicked to the curb.

I wish I could write an ending to this sad tale: The exotic dancer would get her job back, and Paris Hilton would be hired as her understudy.

Photo Credit: Wikipedia.Org

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