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Published:April 11th, 2012 14:53 EST

Dude Refuses To Get Rid Of Pet Goat, Willing To Go To Jail!

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A South Carolina man ordered by his city to get rid of his goat says he is willing to risk jail time for his pet.

Charles Ferguson of Greer said he was ordered by animal control officers Monday to remove his goat, Yogi, from the city by Friday and he could face criminal prosecution if he refuses, WHNS-TV, Greenville, reported Tuesday.


`Would the city of Greer ask you to get rid of one of your kids? No! That`s like asking me to get rid of one of my kids. This is my kid. It`s not gonna happen,` Ferguson said."


A goat is very easy to maintain, he isn`t a fussy eater, he will devour whatever is available including grass, snails and weeds. A goat is easy to please, he isn`t like a cat who will turn up his nose at his food, if it isn`t his favorite brand of cat food. No wonder Ferguson doesn`t want to get rid of Yogi.

Ferguson is correct, Yogi is his kid, since kid is what you call a young goat. But homebody needs to get a life, if he really treats a goat as a member of the family.

I would never give up my cat or my dog, but they are traditional pets. You just cant keep any animal as a pet in a residential neighborhood, and the city has every right to demand that he get rid of Yogi.

You can`t fight City Hall, in the end the city will win and Ferguson will spend time in jail for nothing.

Photo Credit: Wikipedia.Org

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