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Published:April 11th, 2012 14:05 EST

Moron Gets 3 Days In Jail For Wearing Saggy Pants To Court! You Go Judge!

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A Prattville man was given a three-day jail sentence Tuesday for contempt of court after his wardrobe didn`t pass judicial muster.

LaMarcus D. Ramsey, 20, was in Autauga County Circuit Court to enter a plea on a charge of receiving stolen property.
Circuit Judge John Bush took exception to the fact that Ramsey`s blue jeans were sagging too low.


`You are in contempt of court because you showed your butt in court,` a visibly irate Bush told Ramsey."

Montgomery Advertiser

The Montgomery Advertiser article doesn`t include a photograph of LaMarcus. I don`t know the gentleman`s ethnicity, so let`s keep race out of the picture. This isn`t a case of racial profiling, any moron who wears saggy pants to court should be held in contempt of court.

It`s a case of idiot profiling, any young man who wears saggy pants in public will be profiled as a worthless piece of scum by polite society.

LaMarcus will pay a much more serious penalty if he shows his butt in jail, he will be walking bowlegged for weeks.

Circuit Judge John Bush is my hero, but if a young attractive woman shows up in his court wearing a halter top I hope he will have the good sense not to say a word.

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