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Published:April 12th, 2012 11:27 EST

Creep Stuffs 6 English Bulldog Puppies In Suitcase And Throws It In Trash

By Robert Paul Reyes

"An Ohio man has been charged with two counts of abandonment after stuffing six English bulldog puppies into a black canvas suitcase and leaving them, and their mother, next to a trash can outside a Toledo business.


Howard Davis didn`t just leave the 4-week-old dogs in the suitcase - he also left his contact information on a luggage tag, according to the Toledo Blade. The puppies` mother was also licensed to Davis."

People Magazine

Davis is no rocket scientist, I bet he would be stupid enough to pay an undercover cop with a check for some cocaine. Like most persons who are real dull, he is also exceedingly evil.

There was no need for Davis to throw the puppies in a trash can, and abandon the mother next to them. I can imagine how much the mother dog suffered as she heard her puppies wail in despair. An animal shelter would have accepted the puppies, and the adorable little creatures would have been quickly adopted.

A Good Samaritan discovered the suitcase and unzipped it so that the puppies could breathe. The puppies and the 3-year-old mother are at the humane society, and they are doing great.

Davis is now facing two misdemeanor counts of abandonment.

The puppies will be quickly adopted, if you want a pet you should avoid puppy mills and get one from the humane society or an animal shelter.

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