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Published:April 13th, 2012 18:54 EST
Could Yellowstone Eruption Play a Part in 2012 Prophecy?

Could Yellowstone Eruption Play a Part in 2012 Prophecy?

By Ian Brockwell

Officially, the uplift seen in recent years at Yellowstone has either stopped or declined. However, this is not true of all areas, which have witnessed a continued increase.

Perhaps the most interesting factor about the uplift at Yellowstone in recent years is that when it does fall, it remains at a higher level than it was before. This suggests that certain areas in and around the caldera are filling up with magma and the amounts are increasing.

This does not mean an eruption is eminent, but it does confirm how active the area remains, even though the last super eruption occurred 640,000 years ago. However, smaller eruptions have taken place since then.

The last known eruption to cause a lava flow was 70,000 years ago, but the remaining incidents have involved steam explosions, although one of these caused a 5 kilometer diameter crater 13,800 years ago.

Thankfully, the magma is kept in place by a large crust over the caldera, but if there is a release of pressure the magma can expand (after gases escape). Should some of the crust be removed or severely damaged, this could cause a very large explosion and in some cases a super eruption.

A large enough earthquake could create a situation that would trigger an eruption, but it would need to be quite a large quake. Whilst earthquakes are very common around Yellowstone (as many as 3,000 a year), they are generally quite small. In the first two months of 2010 the second largest swarm of earthquakes to be recorded occurred in the Yellowstone caldera, but the biggest quake was only measured at 3.8 and as we all know, this did not cause an eruption.

However, it is interesting to note that the 2010 swarm happened after the Haiti earthquake and before the Chile earthquake, suggesting that large quakes in other areas of the planet can have an effect on what happens in Yellowstone. I mention this because of the large quakes that have taken place recently in Indonesia and Mexico, and the fact that the area between Mexico and Yellowstone have been relatively quiet of late (meaning a quake of some size is perhaps due very soon).

Would the Yellowstone website say anything if they thought an eruption might be due? I would say this was unlikely for a number of reasons. To suggest an eruption might be due in a few weeks/months would only be speculation and the panic this could cause (to the local population and the stock market) would be very damaging, especially if no eruption took place. However, if it was almost certain that an eruption was going to take place (a day or two beforehand), then I have no doubt warnings would be issued.

At the end of the day there is nothing anyone can do to stop Yellowstone erupting (if it wants to) and the resulting damage would be much the same with or without any warning. This article is not suggesting an eruption will occur soon, only that it is possible. Most people accept that a super eruption will take place at Yellowstone again, but no one knows when.

Could such an event be tied in with the prophecy (that some are making) about 2012? I doubt if the Mayans could predict the eruption of Yellowstone or any other natural disaster that far into the future, although they may have had knowledge of some other event more predictable (Planet X, an Asteroid or some other cosmic event). My personal belief is that their calendar simply reached the end of its cycle, which does not mean the world will end. However, there are plenty of other events that could cause this, some of which we have created for ourselves!  

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