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Published:April 13th, 2012 12:01 EST
Headaches: Do You Get Them or Give Them?

Headaches: Do You Get Them or Give Them?

By SOP newswire2

The type of headache that one gets with an infection such as the `flu or sinusitis will not be discussed today. We will discuss recurring or chronic headaches.

Contrary to common belief, brain tumors generally do not, present with chronic headaches only in the very late stages. Brain tumors usually present with a neurological deficit such as a paresis (weakness) or paralysis.

The two types of chronic headaches that occur most commonly are muscle tension headaches and migraine.

A)  Muscle Tension Headaches

1)   Exact cause is unknown. Stress may be a cause.

2)   Pain usually begins in the neck and radiates around the head. Sufferers often complain of a band-like constriction of the scalp and forehead.

3)   Increased muscle tenderness is usually present.

4)Triggers for these types of headache are anxiety, stress, depression, working in awkward positions, and persistent clenching of the jaw.

 B) Migraine Headaches

1)The type of pain is described as throbbing, intense or pounding and is usually localized to one or the other side of the head, usually over the temple area.

 2) The pain is aggravated by movement, such as climbing stairs or walking.

 3) The pain is usually preceded by an "aura" such as flashing lights, partial loss of vision (scotoma) or zigzag patterns. Other symptoms include irritability, depression, food cravings, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and yawning.

Following the attack migraneurs usually feel drained of energy and may have low- grade headaches with sensitivity to light and sound.


While most physicians prescribe various types of medication for both types of headaches, guided imagery and medical hypnosis are two types of treatment that are extremely efficacious, empowering sufferers to assist themselves in their own treatment. Using these two modalities, one is able to prevent the headaches, and once the headaches occur these two methods are used to abort the pain. Bear in mind that guided imagery and medical hypnosis is non-toxic and side effect free.

By Hillel Mazansky, M.D.

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