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Published:April 13th, 2012 11:53 EST

Judge Blocks Execution Of Boots The Cat

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Boots the cat escaped death by lethal injection - and it didn`t take a call from the governor.

Think of it as a belated Christmas gift.

The long-haired Tabby cat was to be euthanized under the terms of her late owner`s will, but the bank handling the estate had other ideas.


When Georgia Lee Dvorak of Berwyn died last Christmas Eve, the 76-year-old Berwyn woman left behind 11-year-old Boots - and a nearly $1.3 million estate bequeathed to a number of animal-related causes."


Georgia Lee Dvorak loved animals and especially Boots her cat, but she stipulated in her will that Boots be euthanized when she died by a vet via lethal injection.

Georgia feared that Boots might end up in an abusive home, and that`s why she went to the extreme measure of stipulating in her will that her beloved cat be put to sleep.

I love my cat, fortunately I have a sister who lives close by who adores cats as well, and she`s already agreed to take care of my cat if I die unexpectedly. Pet lovers should make sure, if at all possible, that their beloved animals will be taken care of after they die.

The hero is this tale is the executor of the will, Fifth Third Bank,(Jeffrey Schmidt) went to court, to ask a judge to block Ms. Dvorak`s morbid request.

Boots new home is a cage-free pet sanctuary (Cats Are Purrsons Too), and the kind bankers have provided toys and food for Boots.

What a wonderful story!

Video and photos of Boots:

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