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Published:April 13th, 2012 11:40 EST
Michael Dr. 'Woody' Woodward, PhD Addresses the Dangers of Local Government: Stop the Lunch Police!!!

Michael Dr. 'Woody' Woodward, PhD Addresses the Dangers of Local Government: Stop the Lunch Police!!!

By SOP newswire2

California Supreme Court Rules on Requiring the Monitoring of Lunch Breaks  

Many are in upheaval over the recent unanimous ruling by the California Supreme Court ruling that the State can`t force companies to ensure employees take their lunch breaks.

The California Supreme Court wrote:  "The employer is not obligated to police meal breaks and ensure no work thereafter is performed"

Do people really believe that companies have the time, resources, and willingness to stand over their employees to make sure they eat their lunch???

Workplace psychologist Michael Dr. `Woody` Woodward, PhD will address the dangers of local government trying to legislate how business manage their people and operate in our open capitalist system.

Some things to consider: 

·        Not All Employees are on the Same Schedule!!! - Should people be forced to eat at a particular time of the day? Who should decide that? Should you be forced not to eat while you check your BlackBerry? Who is going to keep tabs? The fact is weare all on different schedules and all have different needs! And, different companies and industries operate differently and have different schedules! The Government shouldn`t tell you when to eat and they shouldn`t force companies to track you eat and when? What`s next? Are they going to tell you what to food to eat too??? 

·        CompaniesWant Happy People " When companies have happy workers, they have engaged workers, which means they have safe and productive workers. Legislating rules to govern how workplaces operate stifles creativity. Some people are snackers,some like skipping lunch, some religiously eat at the cafeteria. If a companywants happy people, they should let you eat when you feel you need it. I doubt you`ll find and American company that wants to starve their employees!   

·        Let the Market Decide " If people aren`t happy with the way their employer operates they can leave!!! If companies don`t take care of their people they won`t produce and the company will ultimately fail. The government doesn`t need interfere! 

Mike "Dr. Woody" Woodward, PhD
President, Human Capital Integrated, LLC 

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