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Published:April 14th, 2012 11:30 EST

Intruder Makes Himself At Home In Diddy's Crib: Eating, Drinking & Trying On Diddy's Wardrobe

By Robert Paul Reyes

"On March 31, Taylor took a train from Jamaica, Queens, to East Hampton, where he directed a cab driver to take him straight to Diddy`s pad. He circumvented a security gate, let himself in through an unlocked basement door and then went to town with Diddy`s food, drink, threads and living quarters. Even after he set an interior alarm off, he kept cool, telling the security rep that he was part of Diddy`s entourage, which amazingly worked. It wasn`t until a member of household staff found him the next afternoon that police were called."


Metro Mix

Who wouldn`t want to live like the artist formerly known as "Puff Daddy" for one day, sipping expensive champagne, snacking on truffles and caviar, and trying on his threads? The only thing Taylor wasn`t able to do was sleep with one of the groupies, that I`m sure was somewhere in Diddy`s crib.

It`s not surprising that when Taylor set off an alarm, he was able to convince the security rep who responded to the alarm that he was part of Diddy`s entourage. The superstar`s entourage is so huge, that he probably needs a couple of floors in his mansion to house them all.

Taylor is fortunate he was discovered by a member of the household staff and not by Sean Jean Combs. The hip hop entrepreneur doesn`t suffer fools gladly, Taylor would have been singing soprano for the rest of his life.

Taylor claims to have broken into the rapper`s mansion a few times before, he says he`s not a big fan of Puffy, he just likes living like a Mack Daddy every once in a while.

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