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Published:April 15th, 2012 12:25 EST

Islamic Fighters Free Hundreds Of Their Comrades From Prison In Pakistan

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Nearly 400 prisoners escaped from a jail in northwest Pakistan early on Sunday after it was attacked by Islamist militants armed with guns and rocket propelled grenades, a senior police official said."


Mail And Guardian

Many of the freed prisoners are Islamic militants, and they will now return to wage war against the Pakistan government and the American military.

This incident underscores the fact that we should never breathe a sigh of relief when Pakistani forces capture al Qaeda militants or Taliban fighters. Pakistan is too weak and too corrupt to prevent militant victories of this kind.

This is a huge blow to the Pakistan security forces who claim that they have gained the upper hand against al Qaeda, and the Afghan and Pakistan Taliban.

Pakistan and Afghanistan are hellholes where violence is endemic and engrained in the culture, our military presence in that part of the world just exacerbates the situation.

We should teach Pakistan and Afghanistan a lesson in democracy, and get the hell out of those nations so they can be free to build their nightmare societies.

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