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Published:April 15th, 2012 16:15 EST
Stop: You Reach for Another Cigarette

Stop: You Reach for Another Cigarette

By Ed Roberts



You reach for another cigarette


You know what it can do to you

You`ve seen the ads

The pictures

Read the warning labels

You know how much money

That literally has gone up in smoke

You realize in the end

They can and will kill you

But still

You pull out another

Light it

And put in your mouth


You pour another drink


You know what it can do to you

You can not begin to count

All that alcohol has already cost you

Your friends

Your family

Your job

And in the end

You know it will take everything else

And finally

Your life

But still

You pick up the glass

And swallow the last drop


You sit here now

Reading but a few words

Words written by someone

Someone who really does care


I`ve seen the price of alcohol

Held a young man in my arms

As he breathed his last breath

I was only 12 then

I`ve lost friends

And family

To cancer

Saw the price they paid

For a habit

A habit that they could not find a way to break

And tonight

I am sitting here

Hoping to find the right words

Words that will make you pause

Maybe for just a moment

Take a look

At what you are doing to yourself

And to the ones who love and care about you

And maybe

Just maybe

Give you one more reason

To find a way


To stop


Ed Roberts 4/14/12


I have lost far to many to both cancer and alcohol in this lifetime. I pray these words will help others from having to endure this.


The Cup


Some will tell you
That their cup runneth over
Others will say
That their cup is always
Only half full


There are so many though
That will tell you
They are forever thankful
That they simply have a cup
At all


Ed Roberts 4/15/12

A few simply words penned in my sleep


Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons