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Published:April 15th, 2012 11:14 EST

Video: The Ramos,The Most Aggravating Alarm Clock In The World

By Robert Paul Reyes

When I was a kid I used an alarm clock to wake-up in the morning, the old school kind that you had to wind up. The alarm clock made a loud and jarring sound that would wake up the dead or drunk, and of course it had no volume control.


Now I use the alarm feature in my cell phone to wake up, it has a volume control and if I chose to I can wake up to the soothing sounds of classical music. Truth be told, I usually use the snooze button at least a couple of times before I finally join the land of the living.

What I really need is the Ramos:

"There is no snooze button. If you unplug it, a battery takes over. As wake-up time approaches, you cannot reset the alarm time.

Once it goes off, to stop it you must get out of bed, go into the kitchen or bathroom, and punch the day`s date into a telephone-style keypad. That`s the only way to stop the loud `ding-ding,` designed to sound like a customer angrily banging on a concierge bell at a hotel."

Once the alarm goes off you have to get out of bed and go to a separate device and punch the day`s date to silence the infernal device. The only problem is that when I get up I don`t even remember my own name, let alone know today`s date.

But I may have no option but to buy the Ramos, my wimpy cell phone alarm doesn`t do a good job of waking me up in the morning.

The damn thing sells for $350, but at least the steep price will prevent me from smashing it.

Kudos to the inventor, Paul Sammut, a 25-year-old engineer who lives in Hoboken.


Photo Credit: Wikipedia.Org (Generic Alarm Clock, Not the Ramos)

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