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Published:April 16th, 2012 21:02 EST

Big Broad Named Fellony Booked On A Felony After Bloody Bar Brawl

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A defendant named Fellony was arrested yesterday for felony battery after she allegedly struck a woman in the head with a glass at an Indiana

The attack was reportedly triggered when the victim accidentally bumped into Silas while she was dancing."


The Smoking Gun

Had I been dancing at that bar that night, I would have given Fellony a wide berth. Fellony might have punched me out if I accidentally stepped on her toes, or worse she might have asked me to dance with her. I`m not saying the woman is ugly; let`s just say her first name should be "Silas." (Lady looks like a dude.)

Silas has previously been arrested for forgery, theft, disorderly conduct, and fraud. Maybe she should have been named "habitual offender."

Silas took great offense at her victim accidentally bumping into her, now she will be back in a prison environment where violence is always around the corner. (Stupidity and evil usually go hand-in-hand)

Fellony has too many felonies on her record; she should never be released from prison.

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