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Published:April 16th, 2012 10:26 EST
Major Embarrassment for President Obama as Oklahoma Welcomes Randall Terry

Major Embarrassment for President Obama as Oklahoma Welcomes Randall Terry

By SOP newswire

On March 6, Democratic Presidential Candidate Randall Terry defeated Obama in 14 counties in Oklahoma, and received 18% of the vote statewide, earning 7 delegates. This was a major embarrassment for the President. (The party revoked Mr. Terry`s delegates.) Mr. Terry`s showing revealed Obama`s "Achilles Heel" in this election: Namely, Catholic and Evangelical Democrats who are enraged by the Presidents promotion of child killing, and his attack on the Church.

Mr. Terry then filed the paperwork with the Democratic Party to participate in the Kansas, Alaska, and Wyoming caucuses on April 14 (along with the $1,000 filing fee for KS and AK). Mr. Terry spoke with officials from all three states, and was assured that his paperwork was in order, and that he would be "on the ballot" for the caucus.

Mr. Terry was attempting to win at least one of these states. The factors for a possible upset victory - or at least a strong showing as in Oklahoma - were in Mr. Terry`s favor:

1. Voter turnout in those three states will be extremely low, helping a challenger;

2. The anger of many registered Democrats against the President in those states is well known, and many Democrats would vote for Terry to "send a message" to Obama;

3. Kansas and Alaska allow same day switching of parties, allowing Independents and Republicans to "cross over" and participate in the Democratic Caucus, which would further improve Mr. Terry`s chances of victory.

The Democratic National Committee (DNC) then contacted Party officials in all three states, telling them to NOT allow Mr. Terry to participate. They did not want another embarrassment of President Obama; worse yet, they feared a possible Terry victory based on the above factors.

Within a 48-hour period Democratic officials from all three states contacted the Terry campaign and told him they had reversed their decision, and would not allow Mr. Terry to participate.

The Alaska Party Chair wrote:

I am writing to inform you that, since the national Democratic Party has determined you are not eligible to run as a candidate for the Democratic nomination for the Office of President of the United States, your application to participate in the Alaska Democratic Presidential District Caucuses is therefore rejected.

A refund of your filing fee is enclosed.

Patti Higgins, Chair
Alaska Democratic Party

The Wyoming Executive Director may have broken Wyoming Election Law when she put in writing that she had instructed county chairs to not count the votes of those voting for Mr. Terry (which violates several sections of Wyoming Law):

Pursuant to the DNC Delegate Selection Rules, the DNC has determined that Randall Terry is not a bona fide Democrat. Accordingly, Mr. Terry is not to be recognized as a valid presidential preference at any stage of the caucus/convention process. No delegates should be awarded to Mr. Terry by any county convention. Those purporting to caucus for him should be advised that the caucus will not be counted, and should be offered an opportunity to caucus for another candidate or uncommitted before the first count is taken.

Warm Regards,

Robin Van Ausdall
Executive Director
Wyoming Democratic Party

Please Note: Ms. Van Ausdall specifically stated that caucus votes - votes mane in accordance with the laws of Wyoming - would not be counted. This is an instruction to commit election fraud.

The Terry Campaign was faced with several choices:

1. Try to negotiate with party officials or attorneys, to avoid going to court;

2. Spend money in what may be a lengthy court battle in one, two, or three different jurisdictions;

3. Save those financial resources for the general election in critical swing states.

The Terry campaign opted for options one and three. Sadly, the state Party officials bowed to the demands of the DNC to subvert the democratic process, and deny Catholic and Evangelical Democratic voters the opportunity to vote for anyone but Obama.

In the most dispassionate of views, one must admit that free and open caucus elections will not happen in Kansas, Alaska, and Wyoming on April 14.

Mr. Terry States:

"After Oklahoma, the DNC was terrified of my campaign. Otherwise they would not have gone to such lengths to subvert free and open elections.

"While I am disappointed and angry that voters will not be allowed the chance to vote for me, our campaign has revealed several things:

1. The party that fashions itself as the "party of choice" and "tolerance" is anything but. Unless, of course, you only choose to kill children, choose to engage in homosexual sodomy and demand homosexual marriage, and choose to push Catholics and people of faith to the back of the bus.

2. The Democrat Party, by their heavy handed, thug-like tactics have admitted that our campaign has hits its mark and that unless you are willing to march in lock step with the Obama regime, there is no place for you in the Democratic Party.

3. Obama is in deep trouble with the Catholic base of the Democratic Party; if Catholic and Evangelical Democrats are given an option besides Obama, many of them will take it. This is a cause of dread to the Obama machine.

4. The Democratic Party prefers to break the law to protect Obama rather than allow free and open elections.

"My supporters and I take pride that we have exposed this political iniquity, and shown the DNC to be the bullies that they are.

"We now turn to the general election in the fall, where I will appear on several ballots in key swing states. If we can perform as well there as we did in Oklahoma, we can cause Obama`s defeat in those swing states ... and hopefully, deny him the White House."

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