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Published:April 17th, 2012 12:08 EST
Diabetes: You Can Choose to Live With It Or Succumb to It

Diabetes: You Can Choose to Live With It Or Succumb to It

By Ed Roberts



I am a diabetic


Yes, the doctor told me

When I went to his office

I had been taking pills for awhile

To control my blood sugar

But I kept telling myself

Maybe this will get better

Maybe it will just go away


The last time I went to the doctor though

He gave me a box

Inside which was a small blue machine

Test strips

And a small box of lances

He said I needed to start testing my blood

At least once a day


There is no other way to say it now


I am a diabetic


I now fully understand

I have a disease

One that can take away my sight

One that can cause me to lose my feet

I might lose them anyway

But that is another story

This is a disease though

One that could possibly

In the end

End my life

As it has done

To so many others before


But diabetes is simply a word

I can take my medication

I can take control of what I eat

I can give myself a shot every day

If I have to


I am not a victim

I refuse to simply lay back

And let this disease

Do to me

What it will

I also refuse to cower in a corner

And lie to myself


This is a battle


I am a warrior


I have faced many battles in this life of mine


I am still here for a reason


A purpose


Yes, I am a diabetic


But I am choosing to live with it


And fight it


As long as I am allowed


It shall have no power over me




One can either choose to live with a disease or succumb to it. When I was 30 I was told by 2 different doctors I may never get out of a wheelchair. I have climbed 2 mountains since then.

This is simply one more mountain I will have to climb.


Please share this with all who need it.