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Published:April 18th, 2012 13:11 EST

Canadian Female Cop Gets The Finger, Literally

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A Canadian traffic cop in southwestern Ontario who pulled over a speeding car wasted little time in rushing a man with a severed middle finger to a hospital.

The policewoman radioed a message ahead to a hospital and rushed the injured man in her cruiser to a doctor prepared to do re-attachment surgery."



Cops, especially those handing out speeding tickets, are used to getting the finger, but this police woman really got the finger.

This quick-thinking police woman rushed the injured man to the hospital in her cruiser. The typical cop would have cited the man for exceeding the speed limit, given him a lecture, and warned him not to speed again on his way to the hospital.

Things are a little bit more sane in Canada, an incident like this would never have made the news in America, unless the driver with the severed finger had got so mad that he threw the finger taking out the cop`s eye.

No word if the finger reattachment surgery was successful.

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