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Published:April 19th, 2012 20:27 EST

Dude Steals Gas From Police Cruiser, Posts Pic Of Crime On Facebook

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A 20-year-old Kentucky man is facing a theft charge after he allegedly stole gas from a police cruiser and posted a picture of the crime on Facebook.

sopMichael Baker was arrested by Jenkins police after officers discovered the Facebook picture of him using a tube and a gas can to steal fuel from the tank of the police cruiser, WYMT-TV, Hazard, reported Wednesday."


Usually a woman will keep her man from getting into trouble. A dude will tell his girlfriend: I`m gonna give this dude a wedgie, that would be hilarious. And she will reply: That`s your last beer. Are you nuts, that brute must be at least 6`4``; if you give him a wedgie he will snap you in two.

If it weren`t for the women in my life I`d probably be eating my daily nourishment from a straw, and I`d be singing soprano in a karaoke bar.

But Baker`s lover is a bimbo, she snapped a pic while he stole gas from a police cruiser, and posted it on Facebook. She supplied the cops with enough evidence to arrest Baker for theft by unlawful taking.

Baker claims the incident was supposed to be a joke, but the police aren`t laughing, they had to outfit all their cruisers with locking gas caps.

Baker confessed to the theft: "I got a little bit of gas. I ain`t gonna lie but not much. I couldn`t get much. I tried but there wasn`t much in it." Does Baker think the cops are going to take it easy on him, because there wasn`t much gas to steal?

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