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Published:April 21st, 2012 12:27 EST

Video: Disease Turns Cats Into Zombies! Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid!

By Robert Paul Reyes

"As scientists work to advance robotic technology, several cat owners in the United Kingdom are finding that their felines are turning into living robots. According to Catster, at least 21 cats in Northern Scotland are being affected by a new disease that leaves them with a progressively stiff tail and walk.


In this video from Sage Publications, a cat affected by the bizarre disease has vets concerned and confused.

So far these felines with a rigid gait have only appeared in the United Kingdom. The illness is not fatal for the cats, but does progress and worsen over time."

Paw Nation

Cats are mysterious creatures with many eccentricities. I`ve put up with odd behavior from my feline throughout the years, but I won`t tolerate her walking like a zombie.

I can live with a cat who throws up a furball on my dinner plate, or a cat who dabbles with the Ouija Board, but if my kitty turns into a zombie, I will run screaming out of my house.

If your kitty starts acting like a zombie don`t take her to a vet, they are admittedly clueless. Take her to a cat psychologist or a priest to have the zombie demon exorcised.

Zombie cats? Is there anybody left who doesn`t believe that the world is going to end Dec 21, 2012?

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Photo Credit: Wikipedia.Org (Generic Cat, not a Zombie Cat)