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Published:April 22nd, 2012 13:20 EST

Foolish Woman Loses Wedding Ring Worth $55,825

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Groceries can cost an arm and a leg, but when one woman lost her wedding ring in a Trader Joe`s near Corona del Mar, Calif., she was out $55,825.

After shopping at the store Friday, the woman forgot her purse, which contained the costly ring. When she returned for it, prompting a storewide search, it was nowhere to be found. She filed a lost property report with police."



I don`t feel this woman`s pain, when your wedding ring costs a small fortune, you don`t take it off your finger -- period!

In this depressed real estate market you could buy a small house for $55,825, it`s sheer folly to invest that much money in a small item that can easily be lost or stolen.

I bet there are many folks who will buy their groceries at that Trader Joe`s in hopes of finding the ring. That woman has a better chance of finding a Rolex watch in a box of Cracker Jack, than she does of anyone returning her ring.

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