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Published:April 22nd, 2012 12:36 EST

Invasion in Australia by Aliens

By Md Mahmudul Hasan, Immigration Lawyer, Dhaka, Bangladesh


Some tears of mankind drop on the island of love,

The island shakes,

The extra-territorial satellites of Alien mark this matter,

The Alien King orders his General to see this problem of neighbor mankind.

The Alien General arrives in the island of love in the world,

He sees some people are seriously crying,

He asks the people, why they are crying?

The people replies with tears some sorrowful matters,

That the Australians are abducting their girlfriends,

They are also pressurizing them for forced marriage ",

The Australians never consider the hearts of other countries` girls,

So we are crying for our missing girlfriends.

The Alien General returns to the Alien King,

He depicts the sensitive problems of the mankind,

The Alien king be shocked listening the heart-breaking problem of mankind.

The Alien King sends a representative to the Government of Australia,

The Alien King requests the Australian Government to stop this inhumanity,

But the Australian Government neglects the request of Alien King,

The Australian Government insists not to stop this matter,

They also say that they support this matter,

They support everything for the physical entertainment of Australians.

Whatever the problem of other countries, that is not their concern.

Hearing the statements of Australian Government,

The Australians become more desperate,

They start abducting other countries` girls more,

They also pressurize them for forced marriage ".

The more people come in the island of love,

They seriously cry for their missing girlfriends,

The island shakes seriously,

The Alien King again marks this matter by their extra-territorial satellites.

The Alien King be shocked looking this problem of neighbor mankind,

He decides to attack Australia to save the love of mankind.

The Alien King sends the final warning to Australian Government,

But the Australian Government neglects the warning of Alien King,

The Alien King deploys forty  thousand special soldiers,

To destroy Australia to save the heart of mankind.

The Alien soldiers attack the satellites of Australia,

They jammed the frequency of other countries` satellites,

The Australian Satellite system is completely destroyed,

The Australian military be puzzled to understand the attack of Aliens.

The Aliens soldiers destroy the radar system of Australia,

They seriously throw bombs to the military establishments of Australia,

The military establishments are exploded seriously,

The Australians forces are astonished looking the attack of Aliens.

The Alien soldiers find the nuclear weapons under the ocean of Australia,

They also find the collection of nuclear bombs under the mountain of Australia,

The Alien soldiers explode all nuclear weapons of Australia,

The big explosion is heard by the Australian people,

The Australian people are killed by the explosion of their own atomic bombs.

The Alien soldiers return to their kingdom after their successful mission.

Now the Alien King sends a message to the neighbor mankind,

He is always with the heart-breaking people of mankind,

And he never wants to see any more tears,

In the island of love of mankind.


---This poem is  dedicated to Chowdhury Faria