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Published:April 22nd, 2012 22:03 EST

I think Joshua Ledet deserves to win AMERICAN IDOL

By SOP newswire3

Hello Judyth Piazza,
I think Joshua Ledet deserves to win AMERICAN IDOL....I was not aware of him being "perceived as gay" until I read your article.....I do not think viewers perceive Joshua as being gay....He does have some superficial female mannerisms which I attribute to his being artsy....I do not equate "artsy" with gayness.....I see white guys who are cute and bland winning IDOL.....Witness David Cook, Kris Allen, Lee De Wyze, and Scotty Mc Creery.....Phillip Phillips fits right into this category......If Joshua was caucasian he would be way ahead in the votes like Scotty Mc Creery was last year....Adam Lambert was overtly gay and flaunted this....This probably turned off viewers in the bible belt who are evangelical christians....So bland and boring Kris Allen won IDOL that year....This was the most shocking and bizarre  win on IDOL.....Phillip Phillips bores me in every way....Joshua Ledet might have the BEST voice I have ever heard......But he might not win because of his skin color, not his "perceived" gayness....It will be Joshua and Phillip in the finale.....
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