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Published:April 23rd, 2012 12:33 EST

X-Factor Judge Simon Cowell: I'm Not Gay!

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Simon Cowell wants the world to know once and for all that he is not gay.

The `American Idol` and `X Factor` personality denounced the ever-persistent rumors about his sexuality in a new biography, but also specified that he`d have no shame if they were true."


Huffington Post

I`m reminded of Larry Craig the infamous "I`m Not Gay" senator who declared "I`m not Gay" about a dozen times during a press conference where he denied doing anything inappropriate with an undercover police officer in a public bathroom. Craig explained that he wasn`t playing footsie with the cop: I have a wide stance he explained. Yeah right, a wide gay stance.

The more a man insists that he`s not gay, the more everyone is convinced that he`s gay as all get-out. Simon might as well wear hot pants, a halter top, and stiletto heels, while declaring that he`s not gay. Sorry if I ruined your  meal...

Not that there`s anything wrong with being gay, mind you. I could care less if people think I`m gay; I don`t care what they think of my sexual orientation, as long as they read my articles.

It`s not a mortal sin to speculate about a celebrity`s sexual orientation, it`s a fun parlor fame that everybody and their gay fat mama plays.

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