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Published:April 25th, 2012 16:30 EST

Vinny Guadagnino: Snooki's Partying Ways Will Prepare Her To Be Good Mom

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Jersey Shore star Vinny Guadagnino admits Snooki`s pregnancy is not something he saw coming ... and he was shocked ... but hey, he`s not about to bash the girl.

`I didn`t expect it. But, obviously, I`m not going to hate. This is real-life stuff,` he said.


`She can do extraordinary things,` he said. `In a partying way, she can drink more than anyone I`ve ever met; she can stay up for longer periods of time. She`s super-human. If she applies that to her parenting, she`ll actually be a good mom.`"

Hollwood Gossip

When a dude enters the set of "Jersey Shore" his testicles shrink because he`s afraid a drunken lout is going to bump into him, and his IQ drops to room temperature due to the omnipresent ignorance.

Vinny is a typical "Jersey Shore" moron, who the hell talks like this: I`m not going to hate. This is real-life stuff. Yes, having a baby is real-life stuff, and when a woman declares she`s pregnant, the initial reaction isn`t to hate on her.

But Vinny is correct, if Snooki applies the skills she learned partying, it will help her to be a good mom. Snooki`s inebriated friends have vomited on her, when her baby does the same thing, she will take it in stride. Staying up drinking all night will prepare Snooks for when her crying infant keeps her up all night. I wouldn`t be surprised if The Situation and JWoww have on occasion got so drunk that they soiled their drawers, it will be no big thing when baby Snooks has droopy drawers.

Snooki is indeed Super Human and we can expect super things from her baby. Exactly what those super things will be, God only knows.

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