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Published:April 26th, 2012 11:24 EST

Video Captures Paris Hilton Doing What She Does Best: Shopping

By Robert Paul Reyes

"31-year-old Paris Hilton; singer, actress and great-granddaughter of Conrad Hilton founder of Hilton Hotels; seen loading up her red Ferrari with shopping bags. She happily signs autographs for fans, but appears unresponsive to cameras, not giving an answer when asked her thoughts on Kim Kardashian running for mayor of Glendale"


This video (watch video by clicking contact music link) perfectly captures the essence of Paris Hilton. The clip is only a few seconds, but you don`t need much time to capture the essence of the pop tart.

If you want to witness Bob Dylan at his best you attend one of his concerts; if you want to know what makes Stephen Hawking tick you watch him work out complex mathematical equations on his computer, but if you want to see what Paris Hilton is all about you marvel at the gleam in her eyes as she shops.

The paparazzi swarm the bubble-headed celeb as she does what she does best: Load her luxury car with shopping bags. Of course the photographers don`t ask her questions about geopolitics or quantum mechanics, they pepper her with nonsense questions. One reporter asked the pop tart if she plans on giving one of her shopping bags to a homeless person.

Everything Paris does is calculated to draw attention to herself: Her Ferrari has to be cherry red, her sunglasses have to be two sizes too large for her, her hat has to be patently ridiculous.

Paris ignores questions about Kim Kardashian, she can`t stand the fact that Kim has surpassed her at the art of being famous simply for being famous.

Don`t worry Paris, we will always love you for being Paris.

Photo Credit: Wikipedia.Org

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