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Published:April 27th, 2012 12:05 EST

American Idol Joshua Ledet: Top Ten Ways He Can Win

By Robert Paul Reyes

*Bribe the judges not to give him any more standing ovations. The American public is sick and tired of the Idol judges trying to push Ledet down our throat. If Ledet sang the New York City white pages, the judges would give him a 10-minute standing ovation.


*Tell the producers to give up on the story line that he and Hollie Cavanagh have a budding romance. Hollie and Joshua may be best buds, but they are as plausible a couple as Donald Trump and Rosie O`Donnell.

*Get out of his comfort zone, and do something different: Sing opera or try yodeling!

*Embrace his "Mantasia" nickname! It would be a fitting tribute to his idol, Fantasia, and it would honor his feminine side.

*Demolish his choirboy image by going Medieval on Phillip Phillips next time he channels Dave Matthews -- that would be his next performance.

*Announce that if he wins he will tell the truth about his sexual orientation.

*Start a feud with a rapper, not Nicki Minaj. Homeboy needs to pick a fight with 50 cent, that might give him some street cred.

*Tell Steven Tyler: Dude, you look like a lady.

*The next time Randy Jackson says "Yo" or "Dawg", kick his arse.

*Scream at Jennifer Lopez: Jenny from the block, my arse! You are a pampered diva!

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