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Published:April 27th, 2012 18:25 EST
Documentation Means "Recorded Information, Instructions, or Content"

Documentation Means "Recorded Information, Instructions, or Content"

By Keith Johnson

The SOP Word of the Day: Documentation

Documentation means "recorded information, instructions, or content". In many ways, you can call traditional documents like the dictionary, bible, thesaurus, and encyclopedia to be general and universal forms of documentation.

Record keeping is what gives us self-definition. A company that has its Tax ID number can register as a corporation and do business. A business that has its documentation can clearly define itself and others similarly can define the activities and goals of a company many times through documentation.

Documentation can also help processes and procedures in a company. These are formal guidelines that help companies to define who must do what, how, and when. Documentation is the true foundation upon which an individual, group of individuals, organization, company, school, or even country  can define itself and understand itself and hence do business successfully.


Keith Johnson, MS Education
Senior Technical Writer & Author
Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA
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