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Published:April 27th, 2012 13:04 EST

Pizza Hut Pizza With Chicken Fingers In Its Crust! Does It Get Any Better?

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Although not available in its American restaurants, Pizza Hut now offers a pizza with baked-in cheeseburgers, Yahoo! News said Thursday.

Pizza Hut`s `Crown Crust Burger` pizza, featuring cheeseburgers in its crust, is being sold in the Middle East, as is one with hot dog filling available in Britain. Another offers chicken fingers in its crust, the news service reported."



Barack Obama ate dog meat as a child in Indonesia, in his honor Pizza Hut should sell a "Presidential Pizza" featuring dog meat in its crust. Obama should keep his fridge well stocked with dog meat pizzas, so he won`t be tempted to serve Bo, The White House Dog, for dinner.

A pizza with baked-in-cheeseburgers is as American as apple pie, Pizza hut should sell the unique pies in this country. I`m tired of Michelle Obama trying to indoctrinate us into eating healthy food, I`d like to force her to eat one of those calorie-laden pizzas.

This is very good diplomacy on the part of Pizza Hut, if we sell delicious Pizzas in the Middle East maybe they will stop referring to us as "infidel dogs."

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Photo Credit: Wikipedia.Org