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Published:April 28th, 2012 11:27 EST
NASA Exploring Universe End to End: Curious Things Continue Popping Up Like UFOs?

NASA Exploring Universe End to End: Curious Things Continue Popping Up Like UFOs?

By Ron G Anselm


As NASA continues to explore the universe from end to end all kinds of neat things keep appearing that makes a curious cat look like a hungry Tiger and takes the word `mysterious` to levels never heard of before in the English language.

On April 24, one of NASA`s main cameras in the Solar and Heliospheric Observatory looks like it took a picture of what could appears to be some sort of large and artificially constructed spacecraft that is hovering in and around the sun. Anyone knows that there is no way anything unless it may be from another world with different technology and very different construction capabilities could fly that close to the sun which by the way has temperatures estimated at 9,900 degrees Fahrenheit, just a tad bit warmer than your typical Miami, Florida day in mid-July.

The mysterious spacecraft seems to also have a finely constructed mechanical arm extending from it that looks like it may be taking some samples or something from in and around the sun. This video has made instant fame and is currently spreading around faster than a cat in heat on the Internet and leaving the UFO believers saying, "See, we told you so, there are really little green men with their little Cadillac-like space craft out there flying around and exploring our universe like we do."

Then, you have the other group of scientists that are saying that this illusional photograph is just or at least could be, and they emphasize the word `could be` just a collection of streaks of cosmic rays that hit the cameras CCD sensor. Nathan Rich, who is a scientist at the Naval Research Laboratory said, The streaks in question are consistent with energetic particle (proton) which impacts the CCD. - (Rich, Weird News, 2012)

The question is in just about every image of the photographs in question there are these streaks. Does is make sense that in every photograph there would be energetic particles streaks that make the photograph appear to have some sort of alien spaceship in it? Or, would it make more sense if maybe just one or two photographs would give this illusion?

To me if the energetic particles were the culprit in the illusion of a space craft then only one or two photographs would be affected not every one of them. So, maybe we need to look closer at the photographs to see if we can see little green men in the spacecraft wearing maybe, sunglasses? I mean, they are flying near the warm sun and it could be to your average alien this is the way they spend a bright and sunny day outdoors (I guess if your that close to the sun every day would be bright and sunny) like we do when we go to the beach.

Maybe it is a bunch of aliens just trying to brush up on their little space tan but then again if being that close to the sun is estimated at 9,900 degrees then you might as-well make sure you have a little sun block with you in addition to your sun tan oil.

This is not the first photograph taken by NASA that has stirred question as to what may be lurking in the background of many of the photographs. In December another photograph taken by the space agency`s Heliospheric Imager-1 telescope that had another image in the background that resembled something other than your normal `space junk` in it. NASA has yet to comment on that photograph.

So, as NASA continues to explore the ends of the universe in a Star-Trek fashion, more and more question arise as the many photographs that are taken have things in them that make your normal NASA scientist scratch his head in question and make the UFO believers out there pointing the finger and saying, "There are really other life-forms out there than just us."

The question is what do you believe? Go to the Internet and look up the photographs and let`s take a little poll and have you send your feedback to either Judyth Piazza at the SOP of myself at my E-mail,

1). Do you believe after looking at the photographs this is really an alien spacecraft?

2). Maybe it is a group of aliens having a warm day out at the beach (or in this case, sun tanning on top of the sun)?

3) Yes, the energetic protons are messing with the visual acuity of NASA`s cameras CCD sensor and this is all an illusion?

So, has the old and famous line goes in the old Movie Star Wars, May the Force be with you.

Check out other great articles on the SOP`s website and listen to the many fun and entertaining interviews given by Judyth Piazza with many great celebrities. Go to ( for more fun and excitement. It`s like going to another galaxy. You`ll be glad you did.


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