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Published:April 30th, 2012 11:06 EST
Health Tips That Can Save Your Life!

Health Tips That Can Save Your Life!

By SOP newswire2


Rather than discussing a specific topic, thought it beneficial to document up to date medical data as points of information. There are multiple on and off line resources. All information has been gleaned from highly respected, peer reviewed medical journals, predominantly from the United States.

The following were found to be most important.

1. Fish-defense against heart disease and dementia.

2. For healthier looking skin-fruits and vegetables with high vitamin C content, olive oil.

3. Stress causes premature aging and increase in forgetfulness.

4. Drinking sodas increases female osteoporosis.

5. Two alcoholic drinks per day prevents males from heart attack, particularly red wine.

6. Dark chocolate is heart healthy in reducing cholesterol levels. Caution diabetics.

7. Check CRP level. High indicates inflammation resulting in many diseases.

8. Exercise 45 minutes daily beneficial for heart and brain disease, cancer, dementia.

9. Colon cancer caused by eating processed foods and low Vitamin D level. Chicken reduces risk.

10. Brisk walking improves brain function, reducing dementia and Alzheimer`s disease.

11. Oranges and lemons reduce risk of stroke.

12. Obesity increased with decreased hours of nightly sleep.

13. Eating 5 portions of different fruit and vegetables reduces stroke risk.

14. Coffee and green tea protects the heart, and has anti-diabetes, anti-cancer effects.

15. No credible evidence that coconut oil is beneficial for health.

16. Soy good source of protein. No heart disease protection.

17. Anything that is heart protective, is now also brain protective.

18. Low fat diet reduces risk of breast, prostate and ovarian cancer.

19. Vitamin K necessary for bone health. Calcium and Vitamin D included.

20. Sufficient Vitamin D and beta-carotene protects against age declining lung function.

21. Beans good source of fiber. heart disease protective.

22. Recurrent leg cramps. Try drinking Tonic water.

23. Fatty fish and adequate Vitamin D protects against kidney cancer.

24. Gingko Biloba no protection against memory loss.

25. Weight lifting protective against osteoporosis and helps decrease female "belly fat".

26. Fiber and whole grains acts as a "plaque fighter", arterial blockage.

27. Mediterranean diet beneficial for heart, brain and memory. Reduces Alzheimer`s.

28. Eat small portions 5 times daily to reduce weight. Keeps metabolism active.

29. The higher the blood Vitamin D level, the lesser the chance of developing cancer.


The above is a summary of some of the latest information that is deemed of importance. 

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