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Published:May 1st, 2012 16:38 EST

Russian Christians Dump Holy Water On Supporters Of Punk Band P**** Riot!

By Robert Paul Reyes


"Members of a Russian Orthodox organization used holy water to disperse dozens of protesters supporting jailed punk band Pu[s]sy Riot in downtown Moscow.

Members of the Union of Orthodox Banner Bearers dumped holy water on the protesters Sunday at the Christ the Savior Cathedral in Moscow while chanting "no Sodom," RIA Novosti reported Monday.


The unsanctioned demonstration was in support of members of the all-female punk group Pu[s]sy Riot, who were arrested for playing a song against President-elect Vladimir Putin inside the cathedral in late February. The five band members performed the song, which they called a `punk prayer,` next to the cathedral`s main altar, which is off-limits to the public."


This incident features punk, prayer, and politics, it should be the lead story in every news channel in the world.

Some Americans complain that there`s no freedom in Russia, but if there`s a punk band named "Pu[s]sy Riot" in the former USSR, even if they are in jail, some semblance of democracy must exist.

"Pu[s]sy Riot" is a great name for a punk band: It combines s[e]x and implicit violence, but in a delightfully non-threatening way. God bless "Pu[s]sy Riot."

I`m surprised the Orthodox believers didn`t start a pu[s]sy riot by dumping holy water on the supporters of "Pu[s]sy Riot."

This incident is humorous, but the "Pu[s]sy Riot" band members could each face up to seven years in jail if convicted on hooliganism charges.

Pu[s]sy Riot and Hooliganism, as a writer who treasures words I`m in Seventh Heaven right now.

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